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Pexels Meetups - a genuine pleasure

About a year and four months ago I arrived in Buenos Aires with two suitcases, a wife, and three kids in tow. No clue how we were going to make it all work, but the hope that somehow, it would.

Fast-forward five months and things had settled. Kids were in school, I'm was paying bills, and Buenos Aires turned out to be a genuinely great city. But for a while the camera just sat immobile and untouched on my shelf. Relegated once again to a hobby and not an-almost-business. As if in answer to this affront to nature, Pexels held a little event open to members...and I went.

After letting my skills lay fallow for months I grabbed my gear and met with a bunch of other Argentine photographers to do a photo walk. Up and down a few streets, a giant brutalist library, and one dark parking garage later and I was elated I had finally found a way to press the shutter button again. Check it out.

Finally, finally, after what felt like a lifetime, I had managed to be an artist again. It was the impetus I needed to move on and create again. Creating for myself, crafting images without need, but for growth and pleasure was the release valve I finally found to help combat the crazy negative energy from our helter-skelter move to Argentina.

Take another little time hop to the present and I managed to meetup again with the Pexels crowd and it was fantastic. A breath of fresh air, new faces, and friends all meeting up to do what we love.

So thanks Pexels. Thanks for being more than a corporate machine that takes and never gives. Thanks for offering us all a way to connect in an age that seems so against it.

And here is a look at this months meet-up that was a roaring-20's inspired shoot.


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