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Work reflects both ongoing and completed projects. Some, like email and website designs, undergo periodic revisions.

Georgia Custom Tour

Short video with location highlights of a tour to the Georgian Republic (stock footage, edited and overlayed with text) (link to video)

Recruiting Postcard

Postcard used for recruiting new non-profit volunteer.

Guatemala Travel Poster

Travel poster, retro inspired.

Sierra Leone Travel Poster

Travel poster, retro inspired.

Georgian Republic Travel Poster

Travel poster, retro inspired.

Keipi on the Green Email

Custom landing page designed for a Benefit Concert. Images, logos, and visual assets all custom. (link to the page)


Designed postcards created in collaboration with portrait artist.

Coffee Label

Label created for a limited collaboration between a non-profit and private roaster.

2022 Annual Report

Scratch designed annual report for a non-profit. Download for entire pdf (13mb).

Weekly Email Template

Scratch built email template for a non-profit weekly newsletter.

Georgia Journey Page

Sample page from an itinerary I created for a custom tour group (download for full itinerary)

Travel Email Design

Email advertising custom tour to the Georgian Republic

Concept Banner Ad

Digital/Retro inspired photo manipulation.

T-Shirt Design for First Things Foundation

T-Shirt design for Annual Summit swag

T-Shirt Design

Alternate T-Shirt design for First Things Foundation Annual Summit

First Things Foundation Donation Brochure for 2021

Print brochure for First Things Foundation

Restaurant Welcome Email

Startup restaurant's welcome email

First Things Foundation Recruitment Video

Short video that I edited including color, transitions, graphics, etc. Footage, script, and audio produced by other team members. Link to video on image.

Article Banner Image

Test image for an article heading.

Book cover for 3Souls

Designed book cover for reprinting

Print / Digital Flyer

Project for First Things Foundation aimed at donors

Print / Digital Flyer 2

Small project providing information for potential donors to a non-profit

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